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Agile IT Consultant

First session always free and if you are a young professional looking for support; bargain with me!


25 +




reach your potential in software development

Offering personalized consulting sessions to address your unique goals and the challenges you face in the software development industry. Examples:

  • Reflection on your market positioning
  • Advice on your career options
  • Social skills in a scrum team
  • Any other “impediment” in your professional career


This is What you get

Market Positioning

Where are you now? Where do you want to go? How fit is your portfolio for this?

Let us reflect and chose action needed.

Social Skills

Are you socially equipped for the challenge?

Helping you establish yourself as valid Development Team member in Scrum or other settings

Learning Path

Need a learning plan to reach your goal?

What to do next and how to get your foot into your dream position.

Agile Organization

“There is always a bigger fish in the ocean”.

Let me help you fit into the agile organization you are working for

Change over Plan

Agile Manifesto

be ready to adapt to changes


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