Coaching Ethics

My Values

Those are my personal 5 core values when coaching, let’s call them the ones I outline the most:

  1. Client-Focused Approach:
    • I meet clients where they are, pushing for growth while respecting context.
  2. Empowerment and Respect:
    • I empower clients with respect, promoting diversity and inclusion, and focusing on the future without historical judgment.
  3. Leading by Example:
    • I model agile principles in every interaction, emphasizing learning through demonstration.
  4. Versatile Coaching Stance:
    • I teach, mentor, consult, and guide, avoiding independence but ensuring a collaborative partnership.
  5. My Expertise:
    • I coach in areas where I have experience, disclosing any gaps transparently.

Otherwise, there is no need to reinvent the wheel …I also align with the following Code of Ethics:

Scrum Alliance Code of Ethics

Agile Alliance