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I offer a personalized consulting session to address your unique goals and the challenges you face in the software development industry.


  • Reflection on your market positioning
  • Advice on your career options
  • Help with social skills in a scrum team
  • Other “impediment” in your professional career

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With whom are you talking to?

I started my professional career in 1998 as a software developer and have always been working in this part of the IT industry.

Almost 15 years ago I switched from a developer/architect role to management and leadership. People development, team building, scrum, agile organizations, DevOps… I could continue with more “bullshit-bingo” but the message is:
I do have experience in this professional field!


Still a developer in my heart, I realized soon that I do love working with people even more, and empowering people is what drives me. So why not combine it?

How does it work?

Simple. Make a free appointment for a first get-together.

Priority is to get to know each other and for me to understand your goals or challenges. We will answer the following four questions on the initial call:

  1. On a human basis, can we work together?
  2. What is your goal?
  3. Can I support you on this journey?

Schedule your first meeting:

If we agree to further collaboration, per next session, there will be a fee charged 100 USD per Session, which is 45 Minutes.

Starting my professional career as a youngster, I have been greatly supported by my senior colleagues. It’s imperative to me to help especially the younger generations set foot in the IT market and therefore > Price should not be the issue; let’s talk about it.

I’ll require you to have your camera switched on, which of course I’ll also do. We must see each other when doing the remote sessions. This is non negotiable if we’re going to work together.