Learning Path

In our continuous improvement cycle, we have at least one time gone through your market positioning.

Also, we did check on your social skills at least once and you know, what might be missing or where you can improve.

So yes, you know where you are today and where you want to go. This involves work, dedication, your time, and as I always recommend a plan to get from A to B. In the iteration of Learning Path, you will work on the specific steps to take you to the next level; it might be A.01, A.51, or already B.

I will be supporting you with my experience and my learning framework successfully applied over the years.

„No plan survives enemy contact“ is a popular quote so why plan and create a path? It helps work towards your goal! And as you know from agile frameworks like Scrum, you will have to continuously adapt and replan after every step. Especially in a fast-paced IT industry.

Interested? Make an appointment now and let’s create your personal backlog!