Listening – Easy as 1,2,3?


It sounds easy doesn‘t it? You have to be a good listener.

Although instinctively you might say „Yes for sure!“ – try to thing again and take your time; some might say take your time to listen to yourself 😉

As to any other topic there are plenty of ressources on the web when it comes to „active listening“ – the process of listening very active while giving the person next to you time and room to speak. 4 steps, 15 steps or more…

I‘m a fan of reducing things to the max so in general active listening is about:

1. Receiving

2. Understanding

3. Evaluating

4. Responding

As mentioned in the beginning, this still sounds easy but for those new to this concept I must say: no it is not. Active listining is hard work and an absolut must have skill when you do interact with people and especially in a leadership position.

But of course there is more to this; much much more which we‘re going to explore in my next articles here, stay tuned.

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