New Series – The Dream Team of Tech

I am kicking off a new series with this post. As mentioned before I‘m in exciting conversations with many people working in IT.

One manager of a small team is sharing his impressions with me intending to create a great team based on a talented bunch of individuals who are very mixed when it comes to age, experience, way of working, and so on. I’m just chatting with him and giving here and there some tips and he‘s allowed me to share the story with my audience as long as it is of course anonymized.

Keeping it further interesting I will do this in the following way:

  • Feed ChatGPT with anonymized basic information about the team and the context
  • Per post, add more context about the situation and refine it as long as it takes to get a compelling output staying true to the actual story
  • Lastly: Post it, without any further modifications

Hope you will enjoy 😉

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