Pika Lab – Comparing the same prompts – so fascinating

Pika Labs Blue Sky

After the first step with the AI generation tool from Pika Lab, I did my second step in this universe via Discord.

So this time I wanted to check out and compare the outcome of posting the same prompt 3 times. I also made use of some parameters in the prompt, which in this case looks as follows:

A beautiful blue and clear sky with moving clouds on the landside with some trees in the background and a snowy landscape -motion 3 -neg houses people cars

So what we should get is something moving with a blue sky, and moving clouds with some trees, and in no way should there be houses, people, or cars in the generated videos.

This is video 1

This is video 2

This is video 3


All 3 videos are pretty amazing! I would say that all of them do the job which I asked for. The only thing you could criticize is the fact in video 2 the clouds are barely moving. Movement should be quite high with the given parameter “-motion 3”.

Otherwise, I’m still fascinated by what can be achieved with a very simple prompt and currently free-to-use AI software!

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