Social Skills

What are companies in the IT industry looking for, when you apply for a job?

Of course, they will check your skills in software development if you apply in this field and will probably see this on your CV. You are an expert .NET / C# developer? Good! Do you know how to create beautiful websites with HTML, and React and are a guru when it comes to MySQL? Great.

But you know what: First and foremost companies look to hire good people! The topics if you can learn quickly, adapt to changes, and are a good team player are more important than your technical resume because, let’s be honest, React might be a thing of the past in 2 years.


Of Engineering Jobs say

“Soft Skills” are most important

Your Social Skills are

the match winner!

Work on

As with any other personal consulting stream, We will use the PDCA Model to work iteratively on your social skills.

PlanIdentify what’s holding you back, and how you want to progress. Look at the root causes, and set goals to overcome these obstacles.
DoWhen you’ve decided on your course of action, safely test different ways of getting the results that you want.
CheckReview your progress regularly, adjust your behavior accordingly, and consider the consequences of your actions.
ActImplement what’s working, continually refine what isn’t, and carry on the cycle of continuous improvement.