Why People-Driven IT Insights?

For the ones hating the details and wanting a short summary:

  1. Me, me and me
  2. Get input from you
  3. Talk about People, IT, and Agile

Are you still with me? Well ok then, let’s give some details about “the reason why” – As we’ve all learned from popular authors like “Simon Sinek”.

Well, the primary reason is to make me happy beeing able to share my adventures in the IT world with all of you. So in short, it’s quite an egoistic approach. I’ve got a background in application development and had my share of experience on this side before, over the years, my work day did more and more involve management, later leadership and always a bit less technical stuff. Nonetheless I do really enjoy the geeky freaky tech stuff which this blog is also about.

Secondly, every form of feedback is welcome, no, not welcome, it is very much desired! I strongly believe that no one “knows it all” and while writing about some situation’s in the world of IT with people, I’m so sure you do have another view on topics and recommendations for the future.

Lastly, there is the buzzy buzzword “agile” I wanted to conquer on this blog. “We have been agile 15 years ago and did release product xyz in monthly iterations, shut up with this new age bullshit of agile!” – Something I frequently hear when talking about things like “doing agile” and of course way more important “being agile”. Is it true? Is “the agile” of today just marketing bullshit? We’ll see and discuss together.

I’ll also switch from English to German from time to time – Ich spreche von Haus aus Deutsch und manchmal fällt mir dies leichter. Ich nehme mir diese Freiheit, wohlwossend dass ihr heute jeden Text mit zwei Klicks übersetzen könnt.

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